5 Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation



Change is disruptive, and many of your colleagues probably don’t like it. But digital transformation solutions have proven their heroic worth in recent years. Namely, a digital transformation is a name to describe the process of replacing manual, outdated tools and processes with ones powered by new technology.

According to a report that IDG Communications published, about 44% of organizations have implemented a digital-first take on business processes, operations, and customer care.

While most companies cut their teeth on digital transformations by automating back-office operations, the actual yields are in improved digital transformation solutions and customer engagement.

Here are five digital transformation solutions through which you can improve the customer experience with adequately planned and executed digital transformation.


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1. A Fluid Website Journey

In the modern economy, most sales decisions are made long before the potential customer visits your website. When they do finally make it to your website, they are probably already at least 6 or 7 steps deep in their research and review stages of their buyer journey. If your site is not primed to engage them and drive them down the path towards the best information that will also convert them into a lead or sale, you’ve lost a huge opportunity. 

That’s where aspects of site builds and updates, like surveying, CX mockups, functional testing, and wireframe testing, come into play. Your site needs to be one of, if not the strongest player in your digital arsenal. The user experience thanks to the cohesive interface - UX/UI - of your site is an imperative piece of the puzzle to elevating the number of leads and sales your business receives. That all starts with who builds and how they build your website. 

Ultimately, there really is no use of having a website unless it provides a flawless experience that drives your ultimate business goals. 


2. More Relevant Marketing, Sales, and Service

One of the top digital transformation solutions refers to the notion that work is the best when considering CX throughout the entire buyer’s journey. It means that your digital tools and processes must work together to improve your approach to marketing, sales, and after-sales service.

What do customers consistently want at all phases of their buying journey? They want customized engagement with your brand.
While your organization has an ideal customer in mind for your product or service offerings, most people don’t want to be treated as if they were merely one customer out of a million in your CRM database. They want marketing, sales, and service activities to be laser-focused and highly relevant to their distinct needs and values. With the right digital solutions, you can exceed their expectations.

Today’s tech tools are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that get to know customers’ likes, dislikes, and crazy foibles. Marketing teams use this data to introduce new products or services that fit their new and existing customers. The introductions are conducted on a variety of communication channels that reflect customers’ preferences. Information about specific customers is then fed to sales and service team members as needed.

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3. Convenient Purchasing

New COVID-related rules have disrupted everyone’s lives. Busy families must now find creative workarounds to make life go on as normal. The last thing they need is antiquated purchasing and logistics methods. Companies that invested in modern, streamlined payment processing and shipping platforms are now reaping the benefits. Organizations that lagged behind are feeling the pain.


Some digital tools are game changers for convenient payment processing, especially the ones your customers already know about and use daily. The most prominent one on the digital landscape is your average smartphone. When a customer goes to the store to pick up essential items, they leave the house with their keys, wallet, smartphone, and face covering. While everyone looks forward to the day when they can drop the face covering, they now have the option to ditch their wallet depending on the stores they visit. Mobile payments from smartphones offer one of the most convenient ways to pay for goods and services while doing local shopping.


4. Safer Shopping Experiences

Changing information about COVID-19’s transmission and symptoms have caused more than a little anxiety with the public. Companies that offer customers safer shopping experiences win the prize in the post-pandemic economy. This type of digital transformation is seen most commonly when a retailer launches an app that allows customers to sit in their cars while receiving curb-side service. This limits the number of people who the customer must encounter when buying groceries, clothing, or any other items.

According to digital transformation solutions from ExeQut, companies need to do more with less just to stay afloat these days. Your organization may not have the staff members to handle both in-store activities and curb-side services at the same time. Many local ordinances still limit the number of customers who can shop in a store together based on CDC guidelines. Make your customers feel safer and speed up their in-store shopping trips by launching scan-and-go digital platforms that support checkout-free shopping. By allowing customers to scan their purchases with their phones and pay with mobile payment tools, you give them a way to pick up purchases without touching credit card keypads and conversing with cashiers.


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5. Low-Pressure Sales

Buying high-ticket items, from cars to expensive business software, is hard enough under normal circumstances. But when there's a high-pressure salesperson affecting things, it makes the entire experience that much worse. Customers have started seeing the benefits of low-pressure sales through technology, and businesses are, of course, shifting to meet them there. 


For B2B sales, as per the 2019 World-Class Sales Practices Study, half of the deals that are forecasted to close don't. On the other hand, progressive companies who deploy Digital Sales Transformation outperform the Nasdaq and NSYE by 11 and 14 points, respectively.

This paints the picture that those companies who have used digital transformation to employ self-service sales have thrived. The best example is replacing the stereotypical shifty car salesperson with auto retailers such as Joydrive and Carvana. They allow car buyers to browse, purchase, and set up home delivery for new or used cars entirely online.


In all of these cases, digital transformations must be combined with progressive policies to nail a perfect score for customer experience.


Opportunities In Flux

The global economy is in flux, but one thing is sure. Your industry will continue to be disrupted by new technology. While these changes are uncomfortable at first, implementing a digital transformation strategy and our digital transformation solutions can help you better seize opportunities tomorrow.




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