ProSphere/HUD-OIG Drupal 8 Migration


ExeQut helped ProSphere, a veteran-owned prime government contractor, redesign the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development’s web application, and migrate it to a Drupal 8 environment. ExeQut delivered this project months ahead of schedule, saving ProSphere and HUD time and money.


Client Profile

ProSphere is a veteran-owned Managed IT provider and a prime contract holder with a range of GSA contract vehicles. ProSphere provides cyber security, development, and IT operations support to a range of federal clients. HUD is a federal government cabinet department responsible for overseeing housing and urban development projects across the country. The HUD-OIG (Office of the Inspector General) evaluates, audits, and has oversight over all HUD projects to ensure their integrity, economy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

ExeQut earlier collaborated with ProSphere to redesign and optimize the HUD-OIG’s Investigation Management tool, a legacy web solution used to monitor unlawful activities taking place in the department.

The Problem

In 2018, ProSphere sought ExeQut’s support to redesign the web application for the HUD-OIG. The current application, which provided Congressional representatives with access to audit reports and key news items, suffered from a number of issues. Ease of use and speed were key areas of improvement highlighted by the HUD-OIG.

ExeQut needed to rapidly iterate, provide a viable plan to ProSphere, and deploy: the HUD-OIG’s procurement process meant that a number of alternative vendors were on standby in case of any delays or issues with the ProSphere project.


Both ProSphere and the end client — the HUD-OIG — needed the solution at the earliest, meaning very constrained project timeframes.

While scoping the project, ExeQut identified that meeting the HUD-OIG’s performance and speed requirements would entail migrating the entire solution from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. This effectively meant rebuilding the application from the ground up and migrating data structures.

Our Solution

By leveraging the agile sprint methodology and a reliable line of communication with both the HUD-OIG and ProSphere, ExeQut delivered the redesigned web application in just two and a half months.

We were able to deliver a great solution ahead of schedule despite Drupal development not being a key skill-set. ExeQut management went above and beyond by upskilling the development team with Drupal experience and training while working on the project.

Because the user experience was the key issue the end client faced, we maintained a constant line of communication with ProSphere and HUD-OIG. The Department’s timely cooperation was a key success factor. We asked HUD-OIG to get feedback from focus groups and SMEs as we iterated the UI design.

We were able to sit with the end client and review UX/UI iterations every 2-3 days, then leverage feedback from a wide section of HUD-OIG staff and decision makers. In just two and a half months, we rebuilt the web application from the ground up, and migrated functions and data over to Drupal 8.

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